Our world is colorful and we would love to help color your world too. With over 20 years of solid service as a well-respected and well-known pigment company we are able to help you brighten up your life. We pride ourselves on “color that’s made to order” giving our customers unlimited options and a broad range of solutions. Explore our product lines:

Prism Corporation’s unique landscape solutions include “Hippie Mulch”, a wonderful spray colorant for refreshing faded mulch. “Hippie Mulch Grip”, hairspray for mulch is an advanced adhesive formulation that keeps mulch in its place. Order online now!

Prism Corporation offers these solutions to the same environmental challenges. “Gray Again” colored concrete rinse transforms water back to the gray color of concrete. “Congelz” forms concrete rinse water into a solid, allowing for safe and legal disposal. “Clarifize” drops the solids of concrete rinse water allowing the clear water to be pumped off.

Products made to order for you. Prism Corporation is a winning enterprise that fosters growth for our customers and team members through a clear understanding of relentless quality. Our mission is to create exemplary value for our customers through delightful service, skill & care while maintaining a healthy, fun and prosperous environment for our team.