Our world is colorful and we would love to help color your world too. With over 20 years of solid service as a well-respected and well-known pigment company we are able to help you brighten up your life. We pride ourselves on “color that’s made to order” giving our customers unlimited options and a broad range of solutions. Explore our product lines:

Concrete Pigments

Prism Concrete Colors Integral Prism Pigments’ Concrete Colors are ideal for integrally coloring concrete on areas such as driveways, patios, walkways, athletic courts or stamped concrete. The colors are blended from pure synthetic iron oxide pigments and contain no filler to hinder the performance of the concrete mix. Color applications provide the user with a lightfast, weather resistant, no-maintenance finished product.

PreCast Pigments

Prism Pigments’ colors for Precast are produced with only the highest quality iron oxide pigments. Batch sized for your convenience, Prism Pigments offers a complete selection of colors with full lab facilities for color matching. Precast panels, tilt up, factory produced stone & ornamental concrete products, Prism Pigments, has the right product for you.

Masonry Pigments

With Prism Pigments Masonry Color infinite possibilities exist. Our masonry colors when added to your concrete masonry unit or mortar mixture can be formulated to complement or contrast any masonry material being used on a project. Whether you are mixing mortar color on site or mixing large batches of colored block at the plant, our premeasured packages of color assure color uniformity from batch to batch. Prism Pigments masonry colors are blended from pure synthetic iron oxide pigments and they are lightfast and weather resistant.