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Mulch Nature Series

A Prism Of Possibilities
You now have the ability to make your landscape stand out from the rest.
With Prism mulch colors you have unlimited possibilities for a landscape you only dreamed of.

Prism Mulch Colors:
• Provide you with a bright new look that will be noticed.
• Complement or contrast your existing landscape or home exterior with customized colors.
• Are safe and fun for your children, pets and environment
• Help keep your gardens weed free.
Why not color your world . . .

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Prism Pigments mulch colors are lightfast, weather resistant, and
maintain the highest tinting strength. Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process assures accurate
color consistency. You can be sure you are getting the best using Prism Pigments mulch colorants.

Mulch Colorant

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