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Hippie Mulch Turf Colorants:

Why are turf colorants used? Due to availability issues and rising costs of water, more and more people are turning to turf colorants as a means of maintaining healthy looking lawns, golf courses, sports fields, etc., while preserving valuable water resources.

StayGreen: Designed from the ground up, this turf colorant was formulated to color evenly, adhere exceptionally well, and hold its color for 10-14 weeks. More and more homeowners are choosing to touch-up their lawns due to drought, water expenses, or time constraints, and the Hippie Mulch StayGreen turf colorant is a groovy choice…Just don’t let the Grass Green name fool you. You can’t put this in your pipe and smoke it.

StayGreen is available in a variety of sizes. Click here to visit the online store and explore the cool product options.

Hippie Mulch spray-on mulch colorant is available for purchase online. Finally, a top notch spray-on mulch color for touch-up work. With kick-butt coverage and color that really lasts!