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Prism Pigments Color Hardener

Prism Pigments Color Hardener is a blend of light fast pigments, portland cement and clean hard, carefully graded fine aggregates. Prism Pigments Color Hardener is available in 24 standard colors, with special color available upon request. Economical compared to integrally colored concrete, typically at lower cost because only the top 1/8" to 3/16" is colored and hardened. Each component of Prism Pigments Color Hardener meets or exceeds ASTM & UBC guideline, including pigments, portland cements and aggregates.

Prism Pigments Color Hardener is especially formulated for use with surfaces to be stamped or imprinted with designs. Many beautiful textures can be achieved with long lasting results.

Color Hardener:
For applications on heavy traffic, Color Hardener may require special aggregates. Contact Prism Pigments for special formulations.

Available in 60-lb. net weight plastic pails.

Coverage rate per 60-lb. pail is 100-sq. ft. or 10 sq. meters. Some colors may require more color hardener per sq. ft. to achieve desired results.

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