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Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent

Prism Pigments Antique Agent is a colored powder uniquely formulated to facilitate the details of concrete textured mats. Releasing the concrete from the textured mats is significantly enhanced using Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent. Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent provides an authentic antiquing color to beautify the desired pattern in the concrete.

Prism Pigments Antique Agent may be applied as soon as the bleed water has disappeared. Apply Prism Pigments Antique Agent in a broadcasting fashion until a thin uniform powder film covers the concrete surface. The concrete textured mats can then be applied. Should damp spots appear, reapply Antique Release Agent with paint roller, dipped in the Release Agent.

Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent requires 3.5-lbs. to cover 100-sq. ft., although the depth of texture and many other factors can alter coverage rates.

Available Colors:
Prism Pigments Antique Release is available in 24 standard colors. Special colors are available upon request.

Prism Pigments Antique Release Agent is available in watertight 28-lb. pails.

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