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Prism Mulch Colorants Bring more life to your Designs


With virtually an unlimited choice of colors available; we can match an existing color or complement your landscape design.  Our extensive cross-reference library makes finding the perfect match easy.  And, we can custom-mix any special color, just for you.  It’s all part of our specialized service.


When you call Prism Pigments for custom-mulch colors, you’ve mad the right choice.  Whether you need a perfect color match, custom packaging, or technical assistance, our superior products and personal service guarantee provide a solid foundation for every project.


Bring more life to your Designs


Prism Mulch colorants are just what design professionals and style-conscious homeowners are looking for. When viewed side by side, the dramatic difference that just the right color can make is amazing. Any landscape, large or small, can be brought to life with just the right mulch color framing them.


A Prism of Possibilities


You now have the ability to make your landscape stand out from the rest. With Prism Mulch Colors you have unlimited possibilities for a landscape you only dreamed of.


Prism Mulch Colors:


• Provide a bright new look that will be noticed

• Complement or contrast existing landscapes or home exterior with customized colors

• Are safe and fun for children, pets and the environment

• Helps keep gardens weed-free.


Why not color your world . . .

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